There’s nothing like a blank page to freeze up every single thought in your brain, yeah? I’ve been wanting to blog about anything at all for a long time now. I used to blog all the time but then I stopped. I stopped wanting people to know every thought I had (or at least, the thoughts I chose to share) because I wanted to very carefully cultivate my online persona and image. I stopped wanting to talk about politics or religion or anything at all because whatever opinion I have, if it’s online and out here, it’s out there. You know, aired out for everybody to see. And, goodness, people might disagree with me or call me out on things and I would have to justify myself or (and this is the really terrible thought) re-examine my beliefs or even think! *shudder* Such a horrifying thing!

Too long, I’ve just coasted on by, putting my brain on cruise-control. People who know me in real life know that I am anything but UN-opinionated, but that’s exactly what I’ve tried to be online. Well, no more! (maybe?)

Here’s my dilemma. At heart, I’m extremely self-centered and want all my friends to read and comment and give feedback on what I write. Because after all, I am brilliant and my genius should not be kept under a bucket. (I should let it shine, let it shine!) However, there are lots of personal things I want to share about my family, etc., and they have the right to their privacy and due to our cultural beliefs about shame and the desire to not have everyone in the world know about their problems, it would be best, I think to keep this blog anonymous. *sigh* But how can I have feedback from the world on my awesomeness and funny quips if PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW? The Attention-Whore’s Dilemma. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Ah well. Into the great unknown we go!

So, I’ve decided to try and blog everyday about something. If I can’t think of anything to blog about, there are prompts and etc. online that I will use. But mostly, I want to examine my life and address what’s going on and see if I can’t just live a little better.

Wish me luck!