Back in college, I was part of an on-campus Christian fellowship. The culture of the fellowship was big on inductively studying the Bible (especially the New Testament and the Gospel of Mark) and coming up with ways to actively apply the Word (or at least, our interpretation of it). I remember one year, I pledged not to buy anything new for a year (not including food, school materials, etc). It covered the bulk of clothing shopping, books, possessions, the like. Another year, I de-accumulated a ton of clothes and items and whenever I bought something new, I had to throw something out.

Ah, those were the days. I know that DH used to be exceedingly proud of the fact that besides his clothes and his car, he really didn’t own anything – not even his laptop since that was provided by his employer.

We are a far cry from yesterday. Granted, most of the crap in our house is mine (or what I bought for DS). DH could technically get away with saying that he only owns his clothes and his car. Oh, and since I got him an elliptical for his birthday, that, too. (He says it’s mine.)

Well, ever since we bought our house a little over a year ago and DS came along, I’ve gone a little crazy. Now, granted, I love to shop anyway – and a new house and a baby were great excuses! I finally unpacked all the wedding gifts and baby shower gifts and found myself overwhelmed by all the stuff I still needed to get for this house! It never occurred to me that I could ever fill it. And boy, did I ever.

I, of course, justified all the baby stuff by saying that we were going to have four kids so at least the toys and books and accessories would get a lot of use. (And, I’ve been lending a lot of our baby stuff out, too. So there!) And the house stuff, sometimes, I don’t really consider where something will go before I buy it. Hence, I now have a train table for a coffee table and my coffee table is out in the front room in a sort of furniture wasteland holding station.

It’s getting a bit out of hand and I keep buying more crap. So. In an effort to curtail this crazy spending habit gone overboard, (to be fair, we received a crap ton of Amazon gift cards that were clearly burning a hole in my online shopping cart and just begging to be used – so, I um, did. A lot. A lot a lot.) I am instating an immediate moratorium on buying stuff. No more random crap for the house or DS just because it’s super cute. That kid has way too many toys.

I make an exception for necessities and some work clothes for DH. But other than that, time to get back to the good old college days.