In continuance of my previous post, I wanted to talk about the rooms in my house that are currently overrun with stuff. And not just any stuff. Stuff that I either have been too lazy or sentimental to throw away or organize. Since I’m rarely in these rooms (the office and the front living room), I conveniently throw stuff in there that I might eventually get to.

Unfortunately, every time I enter either of the rooms, I feel a horrible guilt and condemnation of my housekeeping and neatness. I feel like a hoarder and slightly ashamed. I want to clean them up – but really, the task is daunting. It would take days, I think. I know that if I just took ten minutes every week or so (or, if I was really ambitious, I’d do try every day), it would quickly snowball and then I’d have my rooms back. But I never start. What I really need is someone to come over and do it for me. (Especially organize my desk.) I always feel as if I’ll need something (when in reality, I haven’t touched some of my stuff since high school).

I know that if I take care of this, I’ll feel much better but my overly perfectionist self doesn’t want to start unless I have everything figured out. Likely, though, these rooms won’t be attacked until the impending birth of my second child (no, I’m not prego yet) and I’m forced to clear out the guest room for DS and make the office my new guest room and the front/dining room into a guest/book/activity room. All without buying new furniture (with the exception of perhaps floor to ceiling shelves).

Anyone want to come over and help? 😉