DH has commented lately that I’ve been really big on making my own foods. For instance, today, I made kale chips. Delicious. And nutritious! (BONUS!) It totally satisfies that potato chip craving (you know what it is, that salty, crunchy, oily taste) and is good for you to boot. YUM! I’ve also made my own hummus, juices/smoothies, and sunflower seed butter (DS is allergic to peanuts so this is allegedly as close as you can get to PB). Gotta put that new Vita-Mix to work! Don’t get me wrong – this still doesn’t guarantee that DH has dinner on the table when he gets home (that is a rare and lucky day for him. Poor man.) but I’m trying to do better. After all, the guy does work all day and commutes about three hours a day.

Sure, I work all day, too. Running after a 13 month old boy is no joke! However, I do usually get at least an hour nap with DS and we do have a lot of fun playing and reading stories and running errands. I am exhausted at the end of the day – but in a very different and far more rewarding manner than DH.

I know DH sometimes resents all the time I get with DS and wishes he didn’t have the majority of our financial burden on his shoulders. He tells me that by the end of the day, his brain is mush and he really can’t remember half the things I tell him as he comes in through the door. He just wants to play with DS a bit, eat some food, catch up on the work he didn’t do all day and sleep.

It’s hard though. Even though DH doesn’t mean to make it sound as if I do nothing all day (or that it’s all fun – and it is fun), I still sometimes feel as if I need to justify taking a break at the end of the day, too. I am exhausted, too! I work, too! Just because my work involves DS and he’s super cute and adorable and I love him doesn’t mean that I’m any less tired! Besides, after DS goes to sleep, I occasionally do “real” work, too.

But anyway, this post is all rambly-like and I digress.

I do enjoy making and trying all these new healthy foods and seeing if I enjoy making them and eating them at the same time. Perhaps it will also translate into us finally figuring out what to have for dinner every night. (Sometimes, I have no idea how DH and I survive in regards to food. What exactly are we eating?) I’ll become a domestic goddess yet.