So, I really want to get a dog/puppy for DS (not that he could even give a crap about owning one right now). But, it’s a lot of work! And I really am torn between getting a dog from the rescue and paying a ridiculous amount of money for a Havanese. Do I save a doggy from death row? Or, for my convenience, get a dog that doesn’t shed and is super kid-friendly? *sigh* Dilemmas.

See, do I let my principles (or at least, values) get in the way of convenience?? I suppose if I wanted convenience, I wouldn’t get a dog – but I think pets are such good things for kids. I keep telling myself to wait until DS is older and asks for a dog or cat (OK, I say no to cats – but that’s because I’m allergic and so are a lot of my friends!) and then get one. But when I see DS play with other people’s dogs and cats, I get that squishy feeling inside and think, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a dog for DS to play with?”

DH says that I can get a dog under two conditions. I have to take care of the dog and the dog has to live inside. WHAT? Coming from the Chinese viewpoint, I totally didn’t grow up like that. I know, it’s mean (and to be totally stereotypically, I’d hate to be a dog in a Chinese household – because they’re treated like dogs, not people – which is how Americans treat their dogs). But it does make it a lot easier to take care of! But DH thinks it’s super mean so I can’t do that.

I want to get a rescue dog, but I don’t want a pit/chihuahua and I don’t want a dog that sheds over everything. I rarely vacuum now, I would hate for my house to smell like dog and be covered in fur. *sigh* See, this is why I am an extremely selfish person. For my convenience, I am willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a designer dog and condemn another doggy to die. Boo on me. Bad human!

On the other hand, if I get a dog from the shelter, most likely it will be grown and possibly already potty trained. BONUS! Because I really don’t want to deal with a puppy and potty train a dog at the same time I potty train DS. *sigh* This is why I should just get a cat. They have the decency to crap in a box.

Blargh. You know what this means, right? No dog until DS asks for one. I think. Poop.