I go through these phases of playing really stupid and addictive internet games. It used to be Tetris, then that Penguin hitting game (where you see how far you can hit a penguin), then Dynomite!!, Bejeweled and now Zuma Blitz. They’re fun and all, but they eat up a ton of my spare time. (And with a toddler and other stuff I want to do, I don’t really want it to be wasted on games.)

While I do enjoy playing the games, I find that it’s not really life-giving. Books, no matter how cheesy or trashy, I can take away something and make it mine. But these disposable games? They’re like junk-food. You’re full but not filled. (And often times, really really thirsty afterward!!) I think I may just have to stop playing games altogether again.

Unfortunately, I have a very addictive personality. I cannot just play one or two games. I go full on and spend all my waking moments on it. Which, is really stupid. You’d think I’dve learned some moderation, but I am incapable. I’m like a crack addict. So, it’s either full blown addiction or cold turkey. I guess it’s back to cold turkey. Too bad. I was starting to get pretty good at Zuma Blitz.