We went to our local zoo today for the first time with DS today. He liked the flamingos, giraffes, and monkeys. And he loved the goats and sheep because we could go pet them. 🙂 However, as we were walking around looking at the animals, DH and I were struck by how sad these animals were in their enclosures. I especially felt super sorry for the elephants. They’re used to running around in their herds over miles and miles of territory and now they’re stuck in this horrible, treeless, muddy area where they’re thrown carrots and apples by their keepers. It’s just too sad to imagine.

One could argue that if they weren’t in the zoo, they would be dead. (And perhaps they can’t survive in the wild.) But it’s so sad!! So terribly sad! I see zoos as necessary evils. By seeing the animals, we may create an added value for these animals. However, by having them in these “jails” it is sad for those particular animals.

My only comfort is that one day, humans will be another zoo exhibit on some alien planet. (I suppose that’s not really a comfort – but it would be all just desserty!)