So, I’m seriously considering getting a dog for DS. I’ve actually been researching and emailing shelters and rescues! That’s a new one for me. Ideally, I’ll get an older dog (of a breed that doesn’t shed much) that is potty trained and good with kids. It’s kinda scary, but part of me believes that a boy and his dog is a beautiful thing. Plus, DS gets SO excited whenever he sees dogs and cats. (I hate cats, so clearly, we’re not going to have one of those.) He dances and spins in circles. It’s so cute!

Part of me is still thinking that I should wait until DS asks for one himself. But the other part of me really wants a dog! I don’t know if it’s because I just need to get knocked up again already so that I have somewhere to channel all these nurturing feelings. But I want something cute and cuddly and that LOVES ME. (Yes, I freely admit to my neediness.)

It is very daunting, though, to think about all the work it takes to have a dog. I think of the trips we take to visit the in-laws and whether or not we’ll bring the dog or get a dogsitter or drop the dog off at a kennel. (That sounds both pricey and mean!) I think of all the effort I’ll have to go through if it’s a puppy and then having to potty-train both a dog and a tiny human! But you know, before I had DS, I thought kids were a huge sacrifice and time-suck and I’ve adapted to that very well. 🙂 Of course, DS is MINE and of my own flesh and blood. A dog is really, just a dog. And could be very tasty! (Although, I suppose that joke was in poor taste. Buh-dum-dum! I’m here all week, folks. Try the fish! It’s delicious!)

So, I suppose that despite the hassle of a dog, I would just adapt to this new reality and it may be so worth it! A lot of folks are telling me to wait and hold off. It’s starting to sound super analyzed and overly thought out. After all, I had a kid without THAT much forethought and it turned out alright. Dogs really won’t live that long in comparison.

*sigh* I really want a puppy. (Can DH take care of it? heehee.)