Other than DS, who eats better than everyone in my family (including my mother) combined, I have no idea what DH and I eat. Even my own mother has an erratic meal plan. (She eats oatmeal, Japanese pumpkins, and oranges. I think that’s it. Maybe some sweet potatoes. Come to think of it, her meals are a lot like DS’s.)

I know we’re grown ups and everything, but I really can’t think of what we eat on a regular basis for the last decade or so. When I think back to when DH and I were unmarried and living together, I still don’t know what we did for food. I mean, I know how to cook. I even think I’m a pretty good cook. But I just don’t! Every now and then, I’ll make us some food. (Usually a noodle dish.) That’s why I love it when people come over, because then I can cook an actual meal! Maybe have a salad and a main dish.

Here’s the thing. I’m totally confused about what to make for dinner (and lunch on the weekends). I think it’s because when I was growing up, my mom made us a rice and at least four or five dishes for dinner every night. I don’t think I have the energy to do that – although it is very handy for leftovers (and then DH can have a lunch). I say that I don’t have the energy to do it, but really, it’s just habit. I know for sure that I’ve done this for even several weeks (up to months) – even post-baby! It just requires some type of planning and thinking ahead. And the willingness to hear DS cry while I prep and cook.

When I read about recipes that aren’t what I grew up with, they sound great and delicious, but then I feel that it’s so weird to be making food that isn’t Chinese. I know. Terrible snobbery on my part. But seriously, what the heck is a casserole? Or meatloaf? I know. Those aren’t my only options – but it’s still weird in my mind. That it’s somehow betraying my ethnicity or something (which is completely ridiculous – because then I’d be ITALIAN). Plus, it’s not as if my mom made exclusively Chinese food. It was only Chinese food because she’s Chinese and made it!

I read and hear about how having a meal together every day is the way to influence your children and make them less obese and all sorts of other benefits. I know that’s what I experienced when I was growing up. Nothing like listening to your parents talking about the world and their work to not-so-subtly indoctrinate you into their worldview!

But the thought of doing that right now with DS is exhausting. A logistical nightmare, if you will. DS goes to bed at 7:30pm and DH doesn’t usually get in the door before 7. (That’s another long and gory tale that if you get me started on, will begin a rant of epicosity so we’ll save that for another post.) I don’t think we’ll be having family dinners until DS stays up later or DH comes home earlier. It just doesn’t seem feasible to me (or necessarily wanted).

I think a lot of this is a scheduling thing in my mind, too. Because if I were to cook dinner so that it’s ready when DH comes home and is hungry, I would have to cook earlier when my mom is over in the evening to play with and see DS. But if I cook then, usually my mom and I and DS will eat first. So then, DH just eats by himself after we tuck DS into bed. It seems so mean.


Bitterella, party of one?

Anyhow, this is just to say that though my house is full of food (in terms of fruit and snacks), we often just eat cereal for dinner. How sad is that?