You know what? Bras can be very expensive. I can’t believe I just spent a ton of money on TWO bras. That’s right. Two. It’s my own damn fault for going to Nordstrom’s, but you just can’t help but love their staff. They measured me and selected a ton of bras for me to try on. I never had to leave the changing room. Of course, I did have to chase after DS a few times (try doing that when you’re topless and your boy just crawled under the changing room door…) and he also tore apart a few pages in my dayplanner, but the things you do to get your boobs fitted.

The super-annoying part of this bra-excursion is that I’m still breastfeeding so I’m sure my size will change again when I stop. And then if I get pregnant again, they’ll change again. And then I’ll be back to breastfeeding… etc. etc. ad nauseum. If I end up with the four kids that I want, that could be eight to ten years of varying breast sizes!! That’s a lot of money! Which is why when I was pregnant, I just bought these cheapo bras from Target and guessed at my size. Well you know what? They were uncomfortable and I hated them. I just can’t be in crappy bras (or have no new bras) for the next eight to ten years. If the breastfeeding didn’t render my breasts just saggy bags of skin, the lack of good support would finish my breasts off!

This is also why I’ve put off buying good bras for the last two years. Well no more! I’m sick of bras that move or don’t fit. And yes, I suppose I didn’t have to go super high-end on the bras, but I just don’t want to go through the bra fitting thing again with a toddler. If I have to pay through the nose to get great service, I will!

This just goes to show you that I’ve totally acclimated to being a yuppie suburban mommy with a husband who makes a super comfortable salary. I don’t know whether to hate myself for turning into that or just to be grateful.

Either way, my boobs look great. 😀