You know what I miss the most about college? The seeming endless hanging out with your friends. This was especially apparent when you lived in the dorms and all your friends either lived in the same hall or up or down the stairs. If you planned it right, you could share all your meals with people and study and hang out, go to class, go to activities, whatever you wanted! Your buddies were always readily available and there was usually always someone to talk to and be with.

I miss that.

Once college ended, that became the thing of the past (although, after I was unemployed for a few months, I got recapture some of it since I got to hang out with people at the drop of a hat). Then, when I moved back to my old hometown, it was even worse! We all had respectable jobs by then and I wasn’t really close with my old high school friends who still remained in the area. I had a brief respite when one of my dear friends moved in with me for a few months – but eventually, she moved out, too.

Now that I have a kid (and most of my friends do, too), it’s almost impossible to hang out all day or weekend with people at the drop of a hat. (Unless of course, they’re coming over to stay the weekend. That’s nice – but it’s rarely spontaneous! But I do enjoy it!) Sometimes, I’m just dying to hang out with somebody but it’s difficult when some of your really good friends don’t live in your area. And even if it’s just half an hour or an hour away, sometimes, that might as well be a whole country if your kids are napping at different times.

Well! This weekend apparently was a blue moon. My dear friends came over both Saturday and Sunday (without spending the night) and it was pretty spontaneous! They helped us look at dogs (we didn’t end up with any today, either) and it was really nice to just be with them.Why can’t we all just buy houses on the same block and be like a giant dorm/daycare? I volunteer to play with babies. 😀