So, I think I’m going to start toilet training DS soon. I’ve been meaning to poop train DS ever since the new year but I’ve been putting it off. It’s so true that diapers really are convenient mostly for the parents. *sigh* Now I’ve got a ton of books and articles to read.

It’s funny because after making all sorts of mistakes (as well as lucking out on a few good things) with DS, I’ve made all sorts of resolutions on what I’m going to do differently with Baby #2+. I’m not pregnant (yet) but it’s always good to think about these things in advance.

  1. Sleep training (especially naps) as soon as BB2 can sleep through the night (so probably around 3-4  months). I cannot emphasize enough how life-changing that will be (for the GOOD) – especially naps!!
  2. Toilet train around 3-4 months. (Of course, that all depends on how busy life with a toddler will be, but one can dream!)
  3. Start on cloth diapers sooner. I completely forgot and got too intimidated to use my cloth diapers until DS was about two or three months old. Keep in mind I had these diapers since before DS was born!
  4. No more toys!!

That’s about all I can think of right now. (But boy do lists make my post seem longer than it actually is!) What about you guys? What would you do differently if you had more kids?