First off, no, I’m not pregnant.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way… as you may know, we adopted a dog two weekends ago for about two hours and then returned the pit/mix. That poor dog that DH claims is already dead. *sigh* Well, this past weekend, we adopted a havanese/shih-tzu mix that is our ideal type of dog. You know, a catdog. A dog that is low maintenance, wants belly rubs and naps all day. Of course, I take him on walks and let him outside, but mostly, he just lounges.

So, me, a dog, and my 14 month old boy. (DH, too, but he’s usually at work.) I’m realizing that in order to take care of everyone and make sure the dog (heretofore known as Baxter) doesn’t soil himself all over my kitchen/family room, (since we’re letting him sleep under the endtable which he has made into a den of sorts) I need to start going to bed at a more reasonable hour.

Now, I know some of you go to bed super early because you have jobs that require your early presence. Well, not me! I go to bed past midnight most nights because I’m AN IDIOT. It’s not like DS wakes up any later than he used to. In fact, he’s even more active now in the morning. And now, I have a dog that really needs to be let out in the morning. Blargh.

Why do I persist in thinking that I’m still a young twenty-something with no responsibilities? Why do I think that sleep will magically happen? I really need to start adopting an earlier bedtime. Even though I occasionally nap with DS, I might start cutting that out so Baxter isn’t as lonely. Blargh. I just need to remind myself that I wanted the dog! haha! (Only two days in and I already have to tell myself it’s all my fault!)

Additionally, I have to watch out for the door opening and closing all the time because now we have insects that have somehow flown in because clearly, I have the door open too long. BOOO. BOOOOOOO! I hate bugs! They love to bite me and suck out all my precious blood. Boooo.

I might have to purchase an electric flyswatter. Those things are the bees-knees!