It’s funny how there is no one in the world who can annoy me or push my buttons faster than my own mother. For instance, a few weeks ago, my mother mentioned that one of her friends’ granddaughter listens to classical music every day (since like birth or something). And now, when her son plays classical music for her, the baby is absolutely still and rapt.

Before DS was born, my mom would constantly tell me to listen to classical music or listen to happy things. She told me how one of our family friends have a dog that listens to classical music all day and is the most well-behaved dog in the world. I asked her if she was comparing my future child to a dog and she got mad. “If you want to take it as that!”

Today, she turned on the CD player in DS’s room and it was playing a Rockabye Baby Radiohead CD. Then, after awhile, she said, I can bring over some classical CDs for DS to listen to. *eyerolls*

Exasperated, I replied, “Mom, I have classical CDs. DS listens to all types of music, not just classical.”

Of course, Mom was annoyed. She probably thinks that I’m way too sensitive but seriously, she has no idea how much of a nag she is. She always gets defensive that I’m too defensive and that she’s only making suggestions that I don’t have to take. And really, what is so hard about me just saying something nice like, “Oh, thanks! I have a lot of classical music CDs already.” But no, I’m an ass about it.

Why do I feel as if I have to defend myself to her all the time? DS listens to all sorts of music. Christian, classical, toddler tunes, the radio. But no, my mom has to constantly drop “hints” that are NOT subtle. (And I bet you like twenty million dollars she doesn’t even think she’s dropping hints. She’s just having a “conversation.”)

She drives me insane. Of course, I love her as well. I’m not even really mad about it, just annoyed. What annoys me even more is that I’m exactly the same way to DH. I nag and nag and nag and get very sensitive and defensive.

*sigh* I knew it was inevitable. I’ve turned into my mother.