That strange feeling where I’m actually a grown up! I volunteered again to be on a the scholarship committee for my college and I had a completely strange sensation of being an established professional grown up. You know, something that I always forget I am because even though I care for DS all day, it often feels like play.

It probably didn’t help matters that I just got back from an installation dinner (where I was being re-installed on the Executive Board for a local community organization) and my name was mentioned a few times (and so was DS! He always gets shout-outs at this event. I think people like him more than me! hee!). Then a friend from my alumni association sent me a few emails (including one where he’s coming to my house for this even called Dinner For Twelve Strangers) and I had this super weird feeling like, “Dude! I’m a GROWN UP.”

I know this isn’t a new post or a new topic. I wonder if there will ever be a time that I am used to this eerie feeling. People are actually looking to me for advice? For help? For stuff? And then, one day, I will assume and presume that people should do this. I don’t know if that’s worse.

Welp, looks like I have to continue faking it until I’ve made it. 😉