Ok. I realize that I am very, very lucky to be in the position that I am. DH has an awesome job and I don’t really have to work if I don’t want to. (And most often times, I don’t.) My mom usually comes by almost every weekday to see DS and DS is absolutely in love with Ah-Ma. She’s the most fun, dances and takes him everywhere!

With that said, sometimes, I feel as if I’ve been swindled by my mom. She promised such a rosy world when I was pregnant. She’d work in the mornings and I’d work in the afternoon. You know, the perfect trade. Well, turns out Ah-Ma likes to play with DS more so than babysit. Not that she doesn’t. But every time I have to go to a meeting or do something work-related, she makes it seem as if it’s a huge burden that I’m placing on her. Really? I barely ask her to watch DS more than twice a month. And that’s sigh-inducing? And she always acts surprised. As if it’s snuck up on her again. Geez.

And now, she’s just “too busy” to watch DS tomorrow and I’m lucky in that my grand-aunt can come and watch DS, but it totally pisses me off and puts me in a terrible mood. Like, seriously? Twice a month (at most) and it’s too much for you? What a liar!

Now, now. I know it’s not fair. She is entitled to change her mind. When I was ready to start working more, she said that I should just stay home and watch DS. Fine. But if she really doesn’t want to watch him, I’d rather her tell me. Because then I can either quit our family business and its related activities, or make other arrangements. Whatever. I don’t get paid enough to pay someone else to watch DS so I think that’s utterly stupid.

Of course, she said that she needed to send me an email to discuss some things. I love passive-aggressive emails from my mom. *eyerolls* I think she’s going to talk about how she doesn’t really want to watch DS anymore. She’ll couch it in pretty words, “I love how you want me involved” and blah-bity blah. But ultimately, I’ll take it as a rejection of DS and me. (Which is stupid since not everyone is cut out to live up to my extremely high expectations.)

Of course, I don’t even know what she will ultimately write – so this bad mood that I’m in may ultimately be for naught. Whatever. I just can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment with DS. I do – what’s wrong with her?

I’m going to go off in a corner now and pout. I sulk especially when I know I’m being unreasonable and ridiculous.