Dude. I now have at least three overdue books in the last week. (One of them being an inter-library book and that’s $1 a day!!) And I have a bunch more books that I have to read by the end of the week. This is ridiculous. (This is also what happens when I put books on hold and don’t remember which months I’ve put them down in. They really need to show on my hold-shelf when I want these books to appear. I think I may have to start reserving books for 2012.)

I used to be more on top of things but now, I can barely pay the mortgage on time (let alone remember to call the bank and have them send me a special letter so that I can set it up online. Ridiculous.). I have a planner (and it’s very pretty) and I finally gave up the illusion of needing a daily planner so now it’s weekly and yet, still not being used at all. I used to be so organized! Now, my brain has gone to seed.