I can’t help it. I love watching reality TV shows like Intervention, Celebrity Rehab, Hoarders, Heavy, etc. You know, the trainwreck shows and you just see the sad, sad lives of others. (But it can also be very hopeful, too!)

Unfortunately, there are always lots of programs with people in pain, kids dying, parents dying, etc. And I totally cannot handle it. But what do I do? I cry and cry and DO NOT STOP WATCHING. Because I’m a sucker for punishment.

I don’t watch regular TV Shows (especially Criminal Minds because it seems every episode is about some serial killer of BABIES) that contain this type of content. I hate it! But what do I do when it’s real life? I am glued to the TV. Even when the shows disgust me (like Teen Mom) and I feel so sorry for the babies. I am insane.

DH always asks me why I love to watch these broken people. I think it’s because they seem real and genuine in their brokenness (especially folks on the rehab shows). Plus, I think they’re great PSAs. Don’t do drugs. Don’t get pregnant at sixteen. Don’t get morbidly obese.

Plus, I think it gives me a sympathetic high. When these people triumph, I triumph, too. (Without all the hard work!) How’s that for being lazy?