Ok. I realize that I’m anal retentive about the stupidest things. I realize that a lot of my annoyances with DH revolve around the fact that he doesn’t immediately hop-to when I tell him to do something. I know that I am completely unreasonable about completely stupid things.


That does not mean he isn’t an ASS.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when DH falls asleep on the couch at night. Well, the napping part I don’t care about. But when I tell him it’s time to go upstairs (especially after I have done all the dishes, cleaned up downstairs, done crap that he said he would do but didn’t because HE FELL ASLEEP ON THE G’DAMN COUCH AGAIN) and he just cracks open an eyelid and then says, “I’ll be there” and like forty-five minutes later, HE’S STILL ON THE FUCKING COUCH, I get a little irate.

So, I tend to harangue him and yell at him to get his ass going when I wake him up to go to sleep. He gets pissed because I’m pissed about something he thinks is stupid. I get pissed because he KNOWS it bothers me but is an ASS about it and doesn’t give a shit. Just like when he knows that I’m crazy about blanket positioning so you get maximum blanket coverage and he fucks it up and doesn’t care that it pisses me off.


I don’t know why it bothers me so much. It’s a combination of being pissed because I know he’s going to fall back asleep and if he’s going to be asleep, why isn’t he sleeping in bed with me (possibly because I’m giving him shit and now, I don’t want him in my bed right now anyway so it’s a fucking good thing that we have a king size bed) instead of on the stupid couch! (The couch, by the way, that I paid a lot of money for because it was so lovely and cozy and comfy. You know, perfect for napping on.)

I know. I’m crazy. I still want to punch him in the face.