I’ve had a grumpy few days but I feel much better today! (Especially since it turns out that the table top factory made the error – I guess it was a typo – and they’ll send me the new table tops at their cost in a few weeks. And I get to keep the “wrong” ones. I’m sure I’ll find some use for them – other than them being in the way and taking up space.)

Plus, we had our new upright piano delivered today! I had a lot of fun playing on it (entertaining DS, you know) and DS had a great time dancing and singing and playing along. He’s a musical genius, that one. 😉

So, one could argue that I’m feeling better because my circumstances have changed. Fine! I’m a fair-weather person, but that’s ok. 🙂 I’m happy right now (and DH is very pleased about that, let me assure you). Nothing new to report other than to provide some closure on the last few posts. (I have always hated reading about something on a blog and never hearing about the resolution. So here you go. Resolution.)