Even though I’m a grown-up, I still get scared when DH leaves for business. We live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but I’m a wuss. That’s why I’m SO glad we installed an alarm system when we first moved into the house. When he’s gone, even though we barely see each other when he’s here, I feel safer and a ton more secure. After all, even if he’s not exactly the most, um, manly man, he is a man and just having him around is more, um, manly-like?

This is totally not how I imagined I would be as a grown-up! When I was in college, I used to make a big deal over walking places at night alone and about not being afraid and not giving in to male dominance and patriarchy whatnot and all that stupidity. Well you know what? I don’t care now. I don’t care if it’s sexist or belittling or whatever. I don’t think anyone who is going to hurt me at night is going to give a crap about that – and if I’m with somebody, the chances of me being injured or attacked or hurt will drop A LOT. I think that counts for a lot, in my book.

When I think about my college self, I cringe. A lot. I meant well. I really did. But when I think about it now, if I ran into myself, I’d be sorely pressed to smack my self-righteous self in the face. Maybe even twice! (See, followers of my blog will note that I’m equal opportunity in doling out face-smacking comeuppances – both to DH and myself!)

Hmmm… what a weird digression. I’m too lazy to expand on this topic, but perhaps tomorrow? When I’m feeling a little less tired and hungry and barfy at the same time. 😀 (I’ll leave that for you to ponder!)