Do you guys have a back-log of awesome things to watch/read/do but you just keep putting it off? I do that all the time. There are several books in my to-read stack by my bed right now that I know I will love once I start reading them, but the thought of starting is just exhausting! Or my DVR has a bunch of backlogged episodes of The Vampire Diaries (don’t laugh!! They’re GREAT!) but I just don’t feel like watching so they take up all this space. *sigh*

Why do I constantly do this to myself! And why is our world so creative and so full of great things for me to consume but the sheer volume of all this uncontainable greatness puts SO MUCH PRESSURE on me?

*sigh* I totally do this with Oscar-nominated films, too. Films that I know are amazing and great and life-changing and all I think is, “Meh… Slang me more of that What Not To Wear show!” Dude. What is wrong with me?