I made an excellent orange sorbet today with my VitaMix. (I’m sure you can do it with any blender, but I especially love the VitaMix. It pulverizes everything in 30 seconds.) Here’s the recipe if you want:

Orange Sorbet Recipe

– 2 oranges, peeled and halved (I put in 3)
– 2 tbsp of sugar (or whatever type sweetener you want), I used 2 tbsp
even with my 3 oranges and it turned out fine
– 4 cups of ice

Blend (starting on Variable 1 then switch to High) for about 30-60
seconds until the sound changes and 4 lumps/mounds form. I presume it may
take a little longer on other blenders, but not much, I don’t think.

– Source: VitaMix cookbook

Of course, I also made guacamole tonight. (And I’ve made hummus in the past, too.) Mostly, I make insane fruit/veggie smoothies and force DS to drink them. (He loves them and can’t get enough. I think he usually drinks 4-6 oz. And then he pees all night.)

I have to use this sucker a lot because otherwise, its cost per usage skyrockets. This BAMF came with quite a hefty price tag, don’tcha know… I figure, if I use it almost daily for at least a year, it’ll come down to almost a dollar a day, right? That’s reasonable! So, I force soups (I made this truly disgusting pumpkin soup that I will never make again – or at least follow the recipe MUCH closer… *shudder*) and dips and juices on DH and DS. But NOW, now that I know the sorbets and ice creams are SO EASY (I can’t believe I never tried until now – such an IDIOT!), and spring and summer are just around the corner, this will be AWESOME.

And I won’t feel bad when DS gobbles it all down because really, the sugar content is minimal! YAY! YUM! DELISH!