So, when did BofA LIMIT my online mortgage payment options? Hmmm? It used to be that I could set it up so that my mortgage automatically came out of my checking account every week (we did some weekly thing where it makes one or two extra mortgage payments a year). Then we refinanced and when I’ve re-set up BofA online payments, I can now only schedule 30 days in advance! I hope this is only a trial thing wherein it’s like this until they verify my bank account or some nonsense. This is really stupid.

In additional grown up and house related news, I’ve added recessed lighting in the rest of house. (That’s the DS’s room, the guest room, the office and the front living room. 16 cans!) Anyone want to buy some plug in lights? I think I’m now done with home-related projects for the year. Looks like my garden out back will have to wait until 2012. 🙂