Wow. I’ve been reading alumni scholarship applications in my area for my college and wow! These kids are amazing. Of course, it’s always interesting to see the kids that look awesome on paper and how it translates into an interview.

I remember one year, an Asian girl (I mention this part because I was so surprised! I know, I stereotype my own peoples.) showed up in a mini-skirt, thigh-high tights and loads of glitter. We almost died laughing later. She may’ve been smart on paper but certainly lacking in common sense! So, I’m excited next week to meet our finalists. 🙂

When I go through these applications, I can’t help but compare myself to them when I was at their age. I was nowhere near as accomplished! And I was so much more pretentious!! Whenever I think back on my college essays, I’m glad it was during the time of paper applications (where things can go to die a nice, analog death) and that there are no existing copies. I would just die of embarrassment.