Until I had DS, I never realized what a luxury it was to have grown up conversations (even if they are all about DS). Before I joined a bunch of playgroups, DH and my mom were practically the only grown ups I spoke to! Thank goodness for FB and online friends!

Well, these past few days, DS has been in quarantine because he has pink-eye. And let me just tell you. I go through withdrawal!! I love DS a bjillion times a bjillion, but it’s so nice to have grownups to talk to (again, even if it is just all about DS). I think I love talking with other Mommies the most. Because they don’t mind (as much) that every other word out of your mouth is about DS or DD. (Yes, I’ve become one of those people. After all, what the heck else am I supposed to talk about? DS is my entire day!!)

It’s amazing how just by simply popping out a few babies, it’s this universal bond I have with all the other mommies out there! Sure, there are some people with whom I’m like, “Really? I can’t believe they let you have kids!” But for the most part, people are nice and fun and always have a relate-able story to tell. It’s nice. I’ve been let into a club and the cover charge was only the rest of my life!

The other awesome thing is that there are so many more multi-racial babies out there now so I don’t feel as alone trying to make sure DS learns as much Chinese possible or whatever. (Although, funny enough, I think of DS as a Chinese baby. Which, he isn’t, but he’s mine? So I consider him Chinese?) Since DH isn’t really big on his culture, (he’s 4th generation Japanese-American and German American for who knows how long now) so DS doesn’t really get much Japanese knowledge. Part of me is like, eh? But another part sometimes feels as if I’m short-changing him.

Welp, whatever. I can’t help it. This is the innate Chinese pride. hahaha. We rule the earth! :p

Hmmm… seriously, now that I think about it. I suppose I should start thinking of ways to incorporate Japanese culture into DS’s life. Cartoons probably don’t count. *sigh* Ooh… and Germans, too? Blargh. I’ll just stick with Chinese for now. 😉