You know, before I had DS, I never thought I could love someone as much as I do him. (Sorry, DH. You’re awesome and all, but your awesomeness pales into a pathetic sad little thing when compared to the sheer awesome-osity of our son.)

I bring this up because lately, DH has been saying, “Think of DS.” So I smile. Then he says, “Now, think of TWO DSes.” And I laugh more. And then my head explodes. Because how can any human being handle that much cuteness?

I know that when I meet BB2, I will explode in joy and love and all that lovey dovey stuff. But until then, I have a hard time fathoming that I will love another human being nearly as much as I love DS. (That’s why I’m convinced my mom loves me more than my little brother. After all, she’s had more years to love me! heheheheh. But my brother says that technically, she loves HIM more because she loves us the same, except he’s been around fewer years. So, her love per year is more for him. Yes, my brother and I actually have these conversations. It’s fun. Drives mom crazy but we like it.)

How can any other baby be as awesome as DS? It seems impossible. Can lightning strike twice?