OMG. This evening was awesome in a way that only a bunch of crappy things all coalescing into one evening can! DS ate something strange after dinner (for the life of me, I can’t figure out what caused this) and broke out into small hives all over his face and body. He was hopping mad and not feeling very good.

Then, when I put him down for bed in his crib, he almost succeeded in climbing out. He already fell into the tub this morning (the shocked look on his face was all hilarity – but I’m surprised he didn’t hurt himself!) so I didn’t want to risk him actually climbing out of his crib. That’s a 3-4 foot drop, you know!

I ran upstairs (I don’t think I ever ran so fast in my life), scooped him up out of bed as he was turning red from all the screaming and climbing, sat in the big easy chair in his room and wept. I was so scared he was going to tumble to the ground. Right then and there, I made DH change out his crib into the toddler bed. (DS was having a grand old time playing with tools, climbing in and out of the bed, realizing his incredible freedom, and staying up WAY past his bedtime.)

Well, turns out those crib side rails are great for keeping angry babies IN! And now, without the rails, DS climbed out of bed and chased after me. So, I called up DH again and we put up a baby gate in DS’s doorway. And then we left DS to cry it out.

OMG. He went wild with anger. Screaming. He sounded like we locked up a bunch of feral cats in his room. He kept screaming and seething and trying to climb over the baby gate. I felt like The Meanest Parent Alive. Ever. Then, in his fury, DS closed the door to his room (but thankfully, opened it again). (Hence, the baby gate.) After a few minutes, I heard silence and checked the baby monitor. My boy had fallen asleep on the floor.

I’m leaving him there. No way I’m going back in tonight.

Mommy of the Year Award, right here!