DH and I had a big (for us, anyway) fight this morning. DS had been up since 5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I was exhausted but DH did nothing to help; he didn’t even offer. I finally took DS into his room so DH could get some sleep. When I got back into our room, I was cranky, tired and did I mention, supremely pissed? I snarkily said, “Thanks for the help.”

DH replied, “Sorry.”

Which, of course, pissed me off. So we got in a big fight. DH said that I get to nap with DS for three hours every day. I said, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t tired and that it wasn’t hard. I wouldn’t have made him do anything, but he could have offered! Instead, he just pretended not to hear or be awake. I was so mad. We yelled at each other in front of DS (which is something we try very hard not to do).

Later, he apologized, as did I. We both have tough jobs and I think we often only focus on our end of it. (Well, at least I focus on my end of it because I’m a selfish jerk.) We forget that we love the other person and they’re real people, too. That they have feelings. (WHAT?) And that their job is also hard. It is not a tough job pissing contest. (Because I would win! Oh wait. I would also win Best Job Ever!)

Anyhow, I better get to bed. I should also try to remember that DH is a good man and that I am very lucky.