Today, during dinner, my mom asked me if there were any good movies she and Dad could watch. I stared at her blankly and then replied, “I think I’m totally the wrong person to ask. I have no idea even what movies are out!”

She replied, “That’s what I thought.”

It was a surreal moment. Before DS was born, DH and I watched almost every single major movie when it came out. I regularly bought discount tickets through Costco and we would head over to our local theater (we loved it because practically no one was ever there and you could just stroll up ten minutes before a new release and have tickets, hot dogs and popcorn!) and watch a movie almost every weekend (especially in the summer).

The last movie DH and I saw in the theaters was Jackass 3D. Before that, it was Inception. Somewhere after that, I think I saw Harry Potter 7 with my mom because DH would rather poke out his eyes with a thousand toothpicks than watch that.

It’s not that I don’t know what movies are coming up or recently released (I do watch TV), however, I have no idea if they’re good, bad or whatever. I vaguely know what they’re about, but certainly have no clue on their release dates!

I mean, it’s weird because I used to read all these movie reviews (the more detailed the better) and have a list of movies I’d want to watch. I really loved the reviews on Christianity Today because I found them thought-provoking – especially the list of “family questions” to ask your family when you watched! I am a big fan of teachable moments and engaging in culture vs. just passively letting it sink in. Now, I read movie summaries on Wikipedia (but only every now and then) because I want to know the plot and what happens, but I don’t care enough to watch.

We’re too lazy to even watch movies On Demand. It just seems too much effort and too much pressure. This is the one movie we’re going to watch in a quarter – which one is the best to watch? *sigh* Too much work!!

Clearly, we’ve become old. And fuddy-duddies. However, I’m sure once DS is old enough, I’ll be watching enough kiddie movies (and on repeat!) to last me several thousand lifetimes. So, there’s that.