I’m constantly amazed at how much DS has soaked up and observed about me and our daily lives. I’m simultaneously proud and a little nervous. Those articles aren’t kidding when they say that we teach more by how we live than what we say. Quite damning, if you ask me!

Three little things that hammer in home just how much DS has been watching us:

1) I gave DS my keys to entertain him the other day at the office and he immediately took them to the door and tried to put them in the handle.

2) Yesterday evening, DS took out an oven mitt and went straight to the oven to try and open it and take something out.

3) Today, DS took the bag that we put his dirty cloth diapers in as well as some of his dirty socks and shirt and went upstairs. He then promptly put his socks and shirt in his laundry basket. Then, when I took off the cover of the garbage can, he put the bag in as best he could. He has never done these things before!

It is thrilling to see him process and understand what we do – and adorable to watch him act like us. But it does give me great pause to examine the way we live are lives. YIPES! Talk about a lifestyle change, eh?