It’s been more than a week since I posted!! BOOO on me. BOOO!!!

To be fair, I’ve been pretty exhausted. On Monday, I had a bit of a scare when I started having contractions every 2-5 minutes for an hour. Thankfully, there was no blood, but I’ve been trying to rest more. But, since I’ve been trying to train DS to nap in his own room, he doesn’t nap nearly as long as he used to (at least an hour’s difference!!) so I (and he) have been sleep-deprived this week, too. So, in an effort to maintain proper resting, I’m going to resume napping with DS. Today’s three hour nap was a success! WHOOHOO!

In other news, we had our nucal translucency test done today and the baby looks fine and healthy. (Only a day older than the estimated due date. Dude – how do they have it down to the day?) Of course, it is in range of the margin of error, but seriously, science is pretty freaking amazing. Then, I had my 12 week check up and my cervix is NOT dilated, so that’s awesome as well. I was a little worried because of the contractions and the cramping I’ve been experiencing this week.

Moral of that story: REST MORE. (Easier said than done. Try telling your 16 month old kid that Mommy can’t play with him – NOT a happy camper. And an unhappy toddler is an unhappy mommy!!)

Tomorrow, we’re taking DS on his first Easter Egg hunt (I even bought him rabbit ears and a felt bucket – both of which he adores). We had a “training session” to practice finding and picking up eggs to put in his basket. ADORBS!

Plus, tomorrow night, we’re going to visit a friend’s newborn. His wife was in labor for 36 hours, 2 epidurals and 2 shots, got a 102.5 degree fever, the baby was turned the wrong way, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid and got sucked into the baby’s lungs, and hence, an emergency C-section. That, my friends, sucks major big time. She didn’t even get to see her baby for more than three minutes the first 48 hours for fear of spreading an infection. YIPES. THIRTY-SIX hours!! I normally think Push Gifts are ridiculous, but this woman DESERVES ONE.

Ok, that’s all for tonight.