It’s so funny to me how quickly memories can be dredged up just because Notorious BIG is on the radio (or, for that matter, Smashing Pumpkin’s 1979). Well, today, I heard both and they both reminded me of separate moments in college.

One reminded me of an “ex” (in terms that we kinda dated, but not really) and I wondered again what he was doing these days. (He’s the guy that I can’t find no matter my awesome stalker abilities on Google.) I thought of what I would do differently with him – if I would even consider him at all if I were to go back now as me.

Either way, I always think about about college and wish I would do things differently. If I were “me” now instead of “me” then, I would hope that fifteen more years of wisdom would make me less of a drama queen and far more confident a person.

Of course, if this time machine were available, I’d want to make sure first that any changes that I would effect in the time stream would not negate my current time stream. Because I would surely hate for DS to never have existed!!! Somehow, we’d continue on in an alternate universe! The world cannot be deprived of the awesome that is DS. ^_^

Anyhow, I would actually study! You know, not waste four years of my parents’ money and my precious, young brain. I’d choose a field that I would actually enjoy vs. what I thought my parents would want. Perhaps psychology or Asian American studies or perhaps even something super hard core like chemistry.

I would ignore stupid boys who wasted my time and my heart and my lovely tears. Or perhaps, they wouldn’t even be attractive to me any longer. You know, there are certain types that only attract the insecure. Perhaps confident me could give a crap about these same guys. Perhaps I would even avoid men altogether for awhile and not be so obsessed about being in a relationship. Although, that’s easy to say when you’re comfortable and cozy in one!

I would still join the college Christian fellowship I joined, but perhaps I would’ve expanded my social circle a bit more. I definitely wouldn’t have bought into that crap about needing to be friends with – or even liking – everyone in that fellowship. That is just not possible and I wasted enough time agonizing over it.

I would’ve not only tried out for more musicals and plays, I would’ve DONE them. (I got a lead in a musical my senior year but turned it down. Who knows how much of it was out of fear?) I would’ve gone a year abroad (or maybe just a quarter). I would’ve gotten a part time job and kept my car (two unrelated items).

I still would’ve stayed in the dorms as long as I did – I had a blast.

These are the things that immediately come to mind. What would you change?