So, a friend/acquaintance of mine recently wrote a post on The Peeta Complex (from The Hunger Games, if you haven’t read it, GO NOW). **Possible spoilers ahead?** Anyhow, he was commenting on the fact that The Perfect Boy Trope can be somewhat annoying – especially when in real life, the perfect guy is NOT going to wait around for the girl to figure out how awesome they are and want to be with them. *sigh* I’m doing a for crap job summing up his post.

Here’s a quote:

It’s not just Peeta. I’ve read a number of recent YA novels in which the protagonist inexplicably gains the affections of the Perfect Guy, and keeps them even though she’s very clear that she loves someone else, or at least doesn’t like him. Sometimes he wins her over, sometimes she feels she doesn’t deserve him, and sometimes he tragically dies for her. Oh, so tragically.

Anyhow, I think the reason why I, at least, love Peeta and Gale both chasing after Katniss, no matter how unlikable, is because in my heart of hearts, I know I am not really deserving of love at times and if some fantasy boy is going to love even Katniss, well shoot! There may be hope for me!! Plus, if it’s someone as awesome as Peeta (or really, Gale – but I’m Team PEETA), all the better!

And you know what? It kinda DID happen to me. Not choosing between my personal Peeta or Gale, but a NICE guy DID like me and I married him! Ok, ok… he didn’t win me over and I didn’t feel as if I didn’t deserve him and all sorts of romantic nonsense – but I sure do feel this way NOW! He is nice and sweet and kind and good (usually) and well, I’m me. heehee. There’s a reason my own brother – that’s right, my flesh and blood brother – calls DH, “The Most Patient Man in the World.”

Which reminds me of The Vampire Diaries, also a case of the main character (although, Elena is very likable) being chased after two men (the requisite Nice Guy, her boy friend, and the other requisite Bad Boy). Clearly, we womens like these tropes! After all, who doesn’t want to imagine herself as the lead in these series?

Well, pretty boys (both good and nice) are nice and all, but I prefer to leave the life and death situations to people in fiction. I’ll stick with my Nice Guy. 🙂