So, this mandarin mommies group I’m a part of (a friend from high school is in it, too), we have a group of four mommies (three of who are pregnant) apart from the main group – and we’ve been eating SO MUCH this week.

On Monday, we went to Great China (the best peking duck ever) and had gelato afterward. (We even brought the kiddos.) Tuesday, we ate at Mexican food after going to a kid’s play area. Wednesday, one of the mommies’ dad made us a bunch of awesome sauce (Ja Jiang) for noodles and delivered it to our houses. Then on Friday, we had dumplings and chinese food again for lunch. At night, I had a craving for Taiwanese shaved ice, so after the kiddos were asleep, we went out to get shaved ice. THEN, we ate some Ramen.

And now, I just went out again to pick up some Ramen. Clearly, that craving is now fixed. 🙂

All this means is that the mommies are fat and happy, but the kiddos have stocked up on a lot of snacks. *sigh* I don’t think we can be this gluttonous all that often – but boy was it awesome!