*sigh* Sometimes, DS is just too sweet and cute for words. Lately, DH and I have been leaving a water cup with a straw in his room. However, it’s not leak proof and last night, he spilled a lot of water all over his bed and floor. When DH went into DS’s room this morning, he found that DS had pulled down the tissue box and had tried to wipe up the floor and bed with the tissues. There were little tissue bits all over the floor and bed. Just the thought of DS frantically trying to clean up the mess made us smile and tear up just a little bit.

Tonight, we gave him a leak-proof sippy cup of water and put it in his bed. After we put DS to sleep, he got up, grabbed the tissue box, and proceeded to pull out half the box, lining his whole bed with tissues in anticipation of spills. We don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He is adorable and our favorite little boy.

Things like this make my day.