Tonight there was a book signing in the city by one of my favorite authors, John Scalzi, and I got to go with one of my friends from book club. As a consequence, though, I wasn’t home in time to put DS to bed so DH got the honors.

When I called home tonight at around 7:30pm which is DS’s usual bedtime, DH told me that he had a heartbreaking and super cute video to show me of DS. Then, when I talked to DS on the phone, he started to cry. I almost broke down right there!

After I got home (with some dinner), DH showed me the video. Somehow, DS had gotten a photo of DH and I and kept pointing to me and crying. You can hear DH in the background asking DS if he missed his mommy. Then, DS would point to my picture and cry. After DS did this a few times, DH put the picture away. But DS wouldn’t have it! He got up, picked up the picture, kinda hugged it a little and pointed to me again, crying.

Broke my heart, people. I started to cry. My boy is too sweet. I almost ran upstairs to wake him up just so I could cuddle with him. Of course, I didn’t. But 6am tomorrow morning can’t come soon enough. He’s so sweet. *sigh*