I’m always amused and somewhat surprised when people are so shocked when celebrities, politicians, athletes, and superstars are unfaithful to their spouses or significant others. Really? You find this shocking, how?

Anyone marrying this type of person really should be expecting this person to be unfaithful. It’s really only a question of WHEN. Is that cynical? Yes, yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but seriously, if you think about it, the average person perhaps has few opportunities to be unfaithful (unless they are actively TRYING to be unfaithful). Yet, superstars have at least a hundred if not thousands of more opportunities! They are often away from their families for long periods of time. Often with extremely attractive costars with whom they are required to have “chemistry” and make out with. They (usually men) have women throwing themselves at their hotel rooms, on set, in the bathroom – pretty much everywhere.

I mean, a strong person could possibly resist most of these advances, but come on! What about after a fight? Or you’re lonely or depressed? Or you’re drunk or high or whatever? Not that this excuses the unfaithful person, but usually, if you’re a normal person and you’re feeling bad, you likely just go home and deal with it. But if you’re famous, and you’ve got ladies (and men) giving up their underparts to be with you, that’s much harder.

I love DH and all, but if day after day after day of super hot guys wanting to have sex with me kept banging on my door, unless I went through herculean efforts to avoid these super hot guys, it would most likely be inevitable that I would break. Nothing against DH or anything for these guys, it’s just human nature. As a result, I try not to be in that situation. (Yes, a very difficult thing for a stay at home mom to do, I assure you. My medal better be in the mail!)

Furthermore, there is a certain type of person who wants to be in power or in the spotlight. Those people are usually narcissists. And narcissists usually think the world revolves around them and that they’re entitled and special and won’t get caught or what nonsense they tell themselves and they will most likely cheat on you.

So, if you’re gonna marry a celebrity, you are most likely a woman (because let’s face it, men are usually the dogs) and you’re pretty much trading in fidelity for a lifestyle to which it is very easy to be accustomed. Make sure you get tested or have protection and an ironclad prenup. That’s all. Because your partner is going to cheat on you. A lot. Probably have babies with some of them. So get used to it.