One of the best (and worst) things about marriage is that you have a companion for life who often knows you better than you know yourself. This can be a good thing – especially when your partner sees you veering off in a direction they are concerned about or perhaps, don’t like. No, for once, this is not about me. This is about DH.

Well, not really. We had a good conversation today about DH’s career and some character issues that I feel keep coming up for him – and though what I had to say was most likely difficult to hear, I’m glad we talked it through. To DH’s great credit, he always listens to what I have to say (even if it’s an endless barrage of nitpicking) and considers them deeply. He takes me seriously. What a gem of a man! (Hm, that sounds unmanly, but I stand by it!)

Anyhow, this isn’t so much about DH but more about marriage and the beauty of knowing someone, warts and all, and loving them anyway. Wanting the best for them, wanting to love them in spite of and often because of who they are. Now, DH, admittedly, has to remind himself more often of why he married me. I am not easy to live with, that’s for sure! But it’s also nice to know that despite our worst fears that we are unlovable and horrid, that someone loves us deeply.

I hope my own children will know that every day of their lives due to the love of DH, myself and my mother.