As DH would say, this lady is now on The List. (As in, my shit list. It’s ever long and growing. *sigh*) We went to a BBQ this afternoon and lots of first time pregnant women were there. Some other lady and my friends were talking about swaddling and she turned to me to say, “I’m sure you did a lot of swaddling with DS. You know how it works.”

I replied, “We did, but it didn’t always work and most of the time, DS slept better on his tummy with a blanket. I know, we’re ‘bad parents.'”

In a horrified voice, this random woman exclaims, “Haven’t you heard of SIDs?”

I wanted to punch her in the face. I replied, “DS could lift his head the day he was born. Plus, we all slept on our tummies when we were babies and we’re alive and fine. Clearly, he survived.” Then she went away. I wish it were because I PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE.

(That usually is my go-to response for every slight.)

Seriously? You don’t know me at all and you’re going to judge me on my parenting? You know nothing about my kid or his situation, and you’re giving me shit? STFU you stupid cow.

I truly hate self-righteous people. (Irony alert!) It happens all the time in mommy groups. “Oh, you let your kid watch TV? I would never let my kid watch TV.”

Really? Is my child deficient? Not active enough? Why don’t you take you and your TVless kid and go away? How about my awesome baby and I smack you in the face? I don’t tell you about how you should be using cloth diapers because you’re killing the earth with your plastic wrapped poop for millions of years. How about you do me the same courtesy and STFU?

I know, I know. Who would ever want to get in a conversation with me and tell me anything? Give me some credit. I’m not always an ass out loud. 😀