For not being a jerk to my mom. *eyerolls* I was actually kind and not making a huge deal out of something I was totally pissed about last night at around 11pm. Since we’re moving DS’s sleep schedule around, he’s been pretty unpredictable. My mom was kind enough to babysit DS last night when DH and I went out to eat dinner. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to hear DS cry when he went to sleep so he was still up at 9:30pm when we got home!

I thought to myself, “Well, he did persist in staying up so maybe he can sleep with us tonight.” Bad idea. Baby boy thought it was so much fun! He kept doing somersaults (or rather, his attempts at somersaults) in bed for an hour. Finally, after many warnings, I threw him back in his room. He was so pissed and cried for half an hour. I waited until he sounded ragged and exhausted and then brought him back to our room. Slept in until 8am. Thank God!!

Needless to say, I was super annoyed at my mom (even though it really wasn’t her fault) and DH (because he had the nerve to fall asleep during all this nonsense – he was really tired!!) and I was ranting at my mom in my head.

But I am glad I was nice about it today. See? I can be mature sometimes?