I swear, I do love DH. However, sometimes, I really want to punch him in the face. No times more apparent when I ask him to do something or say something and I hear nothing in response. He doesn’t do what I ask and doesn’t even acknowledge my statement. So of course, I repeat myself. Then DH gets pissed because I’m nagging him.

You know what, genius? If you perhaps acknowledged what I said in even a caveman grunt form, I would STFU. But instead, you say nothing. So, WTF am I supposed to assume? Hmmm?


The thing that pisses me the MOST off about this is that EVERY TIME, I tell him just to acknowledge that he heard me already. Because really? Am I supposed to be a fucking mind reader? Just tell me you heard me SO THAT I KNOW I’M NOT TALKING TO A FUCKING BRICK WALL.

I swear, sometimes I want to drill new ears into him. For fuck’s sake. Just pretend I’m a human being that would like to be heard.