So… I’ve been feeling a lot of internal struggle the past few months over the new car seat arrangement once DD gets here. You see, right now, DS is in the safest spot in our minivan – the center seat in the middle. However, once DD arrives, I am going to be putting her in that spot and DS next to her so he’s closer to the door. Of course, DS is still rear-facing (and will be until he hits ~35lbs) and has side-impact protection on his seat. Plus, our minivan also has side-impact airbags.

Nevertheless, I am very reluctant to put DS in a relatively more dangerous seating position. I even try to justify perhaps putting DD in the more precarious position by saying that her infant car seat has side-impact protection as well as the airbags!!

I know we’re supposed to put the most vulnerable in the safest spot (after all, DD won’t have as developed neck and muscle control and will be much smaller and smooshier), but I can’t help but think that I’d be MORE devastated if something were to happen to DS. After all, I don’t know DD at all! She’s just a concept to me right now. I KNOW DS!! He’s awesome!

I know. I’m completely horrible. *sigh*