Yesterday, DH had his performance review and got a very generous bonus and raise. DH was in shock for a bit (as was I), and we marveled at how there is such a disparity between salaries in the world. In the area in which we live, it is very difficult to maintain a “comfortable” lifestyle without a combined household income in the six figures.

My brother was mocking me because I am plowing a lot of that bonus into a very generous life insurance policy for DH. After all, if he dies, I will be raising two children on my own. (And if we have two more kids, FOUR kids on my own.) I told him that even though the actual total sum of the life insurance seemed like a lot, (it really is, too), that it would still be hard to live off of with two kids, a mortgage, college savings, etc. My brother said that the yearly life insurance settlement (if I took a draw over two decades) would be more than he was currently making right now.


I joked that it’s because I had to maintain a certain lifestyle, you know. He said I was cold! hahaha.

But in all seriousness, he doesn’t have two kids and their college educations to think about. Nor all the money it costs for the kids to be in activities (eg: music lessons, sports, fun classes, etc.). Now, clearly plenty of people in the world make do without all these things. But if I want to provide for my kids the way that I want, (which is with a lot), then, the life insurance might barely cover it.

How utterly spoiled am I? *sigh* I feel simultaneously like an extreme ass as well as “woe is me” in a world where we are incredibly fortunate.

We are incredibly fortunate that DH makes a very good salary so that I can stay home and spend all my free time with DS and DD (in the very near future). Every time I complain about DH working too much, I just need to remember that his hard work allows me to live the way that I want. Of course, it is all a balance as well. As much as I want DH to provide handsomely (that’s right, I said it!), I do want him to spend time with DS and our family. He’s doing a pretty good job of that right now. I should give DH more credit.

But that might get to his head.