Now that DS has started being able to say, “Mommy” very clearly (at least, in Chinese – which sounds a lot like it does in English!), it’s been virtually impossible for me to let him cry things out. It was difficult before when he just yelled, “Ma ma ma ma ma!” Now that it actually sounds like Mommy, I die even MORE each time.

Usually, I give in. It’s terrible. (I do eventually stick to my guns, but it’s HARD.)

This is totally not how I imagined my parenting style to be. I know I’ve mentioned this in the past before, but seriously. I thought I was going to be a hardass Asian mommy. You know, with a stone cold heart. I mean, I have a stone cold heart for DH, but that’s just cuz he’s only my husband. (I can hear my brother shaking his head now and whispering, “The Most Patient Man In The World.” Hi Bro! *waves*) But in reality, I’m a total pushover.

DS looks at me with his cute little face and I just roll over. *sigh* Now, obviously, I don’t give in to EVERYTHING, but I’m very surprised at how much I do! (How sad that I am constantly surprised by something I’ve consistently done for the last 18 months.) Who could have ever thought that I would be wrapped around his adorable little finger? WHO?

Man, DD better not learn any tricks from DS. Otherwise, I’m totally screwed.