We had a fun Father’s Day today (other than the fact that DS was awake from midnight to 2am). I was actually starting to get really annoyed but then DS would say, “Mommy,” and I would think I was a horrible person. *sigh* That kid!!

Thankfully, since DH was asleep for the whole DS awake time, DH took DS to the park this morning and let me sleep in. LOVELY! This is why DH is awesome.

DH liked his cup that DS handprinted and we attempted to go out for “Sushi Weekend.” (DH’s request for Father’s Day.) Unfortunately, all the local sushi places were closed on Sunday (at least for lunch) and DS fell asleep during all the driving to different places. So, we had McD’s! YUM!

We actually watched a movie On Demand today, “The Company Men,” (very good), napped, and then had sushi for dinner. All in all, quite an exhausting day.

Hope you all had a great Father’s Day (if applicable), and if not, that you had a great weekend.