DS had his first swimming lesson today. He also, perhaps, had his LAST swimming lesson for awhile. Baby boy screamed and wept for the first 15 minutes or so of the lesson. He did everything he could to get out of the water. Said he was hungry. But mostly, he just screamed in my ears and reached for DH who was documenting this inauspicious beginning.

I’m so glad DH came home early to witness and help. I think I might’ve just died if I were on my own. Particularly since I’m exhausted. DS has had hinky sleep for the past few days/nights and I’m very cranky and near my wit’s end. Poop.

Now, hopefully, this is just a normal 18 month old kid reaction and not what DH and I fear to be his family’s “Fear Gene” coming out. Baby boy doesn’t need to be scared of everything like his dad’s side of the family!! Poor little guy.

In addition, I’m just a little bit disappointed in myself. I find myself becoming very impatient and snapping at DS because I’m running on such little sleep. I feel so guilty and so sad – especially since DS is SUPER clingy these past few days (possibly because he is also exhausted). Thank goodness he is so cute and when he says, “Mommy” over and over again, it is instantly (most of the time, anyway) heart-melting.

However, I also find myself understanding this Family Guy clip on a far deeper level.