The day started off early when DS decided that 5:40am was the time to get up and running. *sigh* At least I got a decent amount of sleep so I decided to let DH sleep in (since his birthday is tomorrow and all). Then, DH and I had a stupid fight and DH and DS left to play at the park.

I love it when DH takes DS to the park. DS always comes back completely exhausted (or asleep in the car). They ran around and played for a good two hours and DS was already asleep when they got home. While they were at the park, I talked to a great friend on the phone (who was supposed to talk me out of buying a play kitchen for DS – but ended up encouraging my spendthrift behavior!). After they got home, I finished a book and napped as well.

DH wants to institute a Sushi Sunday (or Sushi Weekend) tradition so we went out for sushi again tonight. Before we went there though, I picked up the gigantic play kitchen that has now taken over the center of my family room (in front of the fireplace).

Of course, DS loves it because it makes all these cool noises and the lady who sold it to me gave me a giant garbage bag full of kitchen plates, tea sets and fake food. When we got home, I sorted through the bag and tossed all the broken or chewed up toys, gave away a bunch that I didn’t think we’d need, and then washed the dirty ones I was keeping. Needless to say, DS had an awesome time when we got home.

For dinner, however, DS really surprised me! He kept wanting to try wasabi and I remembered his previous experience with it (it involved a lot of crying) and I didn’t want a repeat. Especially since I didn’t bring any toddler food for him and was counting on him eating with us. Well, I gave him a little bit and the kiddo LOVED it. Asked for more!! Then he proceeded to gobble down a good portion of spicy tuna rolls and some other sushi rolls. Never even asked for water or milk. This kid is hardcore! Must be the Japanese side of him coming out.