Today was one of those near-perfect days. DS slept in (although his diaper blew and soaked through the ENTIRE front of his body when he woke up in the morning). DH took him to the park so I got in some light reading. Then we all went to the County Fair! Had lots of fried and fatty foods. DS was, as usual, refusing all the rides. But he had lots of fun looking at the giant Ferris wheel, animals, and running around. Plus, he ate LOTS of ice cream and drank lots of lemonade. (In fact, MOST of my lemonadeS.)

Then, came home for a nap and had friends over for dinner. Let me just say, the time flies by when good friends are over. It made the usual evening shift so much easier (especially since they had a toddler to entertain DS)! DS got to stay up about half hour past his bed time, went straight to bed without a fuss. 🙂

DH and I watched True Grit and now, I’m heading for bed. All in all, a fantastic day!