Today is DH’s birthday! YAY! We celebrated by sending him to work at the usual time. 😀 heehee. But his iPad2 came in the mail today (a day early, too!) and we got pizza and ice cream cake from Coldstone’s Creamery.

DS saw the cake and demanded to eat it in the minivan. When I told him, “No,” there was much crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth. He cried almost the whole way home. And then, when we got home and I put the cake in the freezer, he kept returning to the freezer every ten minutes or so to demand the cake. Even AFTER I gave him some ice cream sandwich! He even pointed to the bag over and over again, with much wailing and lamentation. 😉

When we finally got the cake out, he was ECSTATIC. DH thought it would be hilarious to serve everyone (except DS) cake and then to eat it without giving him any. He was crestfallen! DS looked so excited and then I put the piece of cake in my mouth and his face was like, “WHUH HAPPENED?” hahaha. I couldn’t torture him that long (after all, he kept begging, “Please!!”). He was delirious with joy when he got that first bite. Adorbs!